Many of the same materials used to construct walkways also make excellent patios and pool decks. Here are some samples.

Patios & Pool Decks
  1. Cut Flagstone Patio on Stone Dust

  2. Cut Flagstone Patio on Stone Dust

  3. Cut Flagstone on Concrete

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  5. Irregular Flagstone on Stone Dust

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  7. Irregular Flagstone

  8. Cut Flagstone on Concrete

  9. Cut Flagstone on concrete with Silver Lake Veneered walls and step risers.

  10. Silver Lake Pool Deck & Walls. Silver Lake Stone is a Natural Stone product. Many other veneer stone varieties are available.

  11. Tennessee Flagstone has a soft cream, rust to brown shades, but is much softer than Full Color Pennsylvania Flagstone. It performs much better when set in concrete and grouted with mortar, as the stones may chip if they are loose.

  12. Tennessee Flagstone on Stone Dust

  13. Concrete Paving Stones can be used to create very simple patios, or more extensive outdoor living areas and also make great pool decks.

  14. Paving Stones come in a variety of shapes and colors and can be laid in many patterns