Here are some other pictures of other materials we use to create your custom landscaping project.

Other Hardscape Materials
  1. Outdoor Kitchen

  2. Sink, Warming Trays, Refrigerator & Grill

  3. Stone Grill Surround

  4. Stone Veneered Firepit with Flagstone Top

  5. Western Maryland Veneered Firepit – Stone Veneer Top

  6. Stone Block Edging

  7. Western Maryland Accent Boulder

  8. Stone Drainage Swale

  9. Stone Drainage Swale

  10. River Jack Stone

  11. Silver Lake Stone Veneered Driveway Entrance Pillar

  12. Schedule 40 PVC Pipe Installation

  13. 4" Slot Drain in River Jack Stone

  14. Large Stone Slab Bridge

  15. Bamboo Root Barrier - Keeps Bamboo Contained

  16. Seneca Chip Stone Mulch

  17. Tree Spade – for Transplanting Large Trees